EBS FAFNER IIAND NEOLINE 410 PRICE: f 1,585 & f 1,045 Fafner II and Neoline 410 The EBS Fafner has been given a makeover. Kevin Sanders tests out the new model. EBS u'cclish bass irr.r.rp slrcciirlists EIJS hrtve licc.r-r l.'rlilr-rncl since thc latc .30s, anc[ in this sh


Vintage EBS Fafner (I) 3U Rack-mount, 600-watt, Class A, Tube-Armed Bass Head, Never gigged. The EBS Fafner Bass Head is geared towards the discriminating sound-conscious Bass player who is looking for a crunchy, powerful and authentic, timeless tube sound with a mighty punch. EBS Bass products are the choice of rock professionals the world over.

Head never left the studio (which is air conditioning and of course smoke free)Beside one scratch on the top of rackmount the condition is perfect.Working great. Sounds fantastic some technical info: Type: Solid State/Tube Hybrid with2-channel prea EBS FAFNER II, BASS SETUP, DIY Rack Design, Pedalboard, Stressbrett About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features 2000-08-08 EBS Classic 500. Input Impedance 1 Mohms; Gain range-oo / +28 dB; Character filter Shelving High/Low Pass +6 db @ 75 Hz-2.5 dB @ 800 Hz +3 dB @ 9 kHz; Tone Controls Bass Shelving +/- 15 dB @ 100 Hz Low Mid Sweepable 150-900 Hz +/-15dB, Q=0.9 High Mid Sweepable 1.2-7 kHz +/-15dB, Q=1.1 Treble Shelving +/- 15 dB @ 10 kHz basförstärkaren EBS TD660! EBS TD660 är den mest kompletta, kraftfulla och flexibla bastopp som någonsin har tillverkats. Med inbyggd kompressor, rördel, rör-emulator och super-aktiva filter, erbjuder EBS TD660 en mängd ljudmöjligheter.

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The Fafner is a great amp, but I feel it leans more towards the classic big valve head sound. The TD also has a valve in the preamp stage so you can add more warmth. fuzamiura@gmail.comVENDO:EBS FAFNER TD600EBS Evolution ProLine 15HEBS 212 Evolution Pro LineEBS FAFNER TD600Input Impedance 1 MohmsFrequency Response 32 - 2k EBS REIDMAR 750 - LIGHTWEIGHT 750W 4-OHm bass amp. EBS REIDMAR 502 - LIGHTWEIGHT 500W 2-OHM BASS AMP. FIND THE MANUAL FOR AMPS NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION. EBS Fafner. EBS Fafner II. EBS TD650.

SPECS: Height: 875 mm - 1475 mm (34.4" - 58.1"); Weight: 2.2 kg (4.9 lbs.) Base Radius: 630 mm (24.8”); Boom Length: 780 mm (30.7"); Folded Size: 805 mm x 

Since you can switch between the channels or blend them together it opens up a lot of possibilities to shape your sound. The protected power amp delivers 750 W RMS raw power at 2 ohms, EBS TD650 Bass Head Amplifier.

1 Feb 2019 the system, yet maintaining the same performance specs. the evoX j and Fafner II amplifier designs. the two channels can be For the namm show, eBs will also be featuring the eBs ultimate Billy sheehan signature driv

Ebs fafner specs

Built on famous EBS amplifier designs. The EBS MicroBass 3 is a 2-channel preamp, built exclusively with premium components. It is engineered by EBS in Sweden with technologies from the famous HD360 and Fafner II amplifier designs. Professional grade signal level Larry Danielsson check out the EBS Fafner II bass amp.

It is equipped with two channels and offers a very complete range of tone options. Each channel can be used individually or mixed to obtain a sound with great clarity and punch. Designed and built in Sweden, with a perfect size to take it anywhere. The Fafner is my favourite of the EBS range and while it has the classic EBS zing it does have a lovely drive channel and some great gritty tube warmth. Tonally the thing is a monster. It does weigh a fair bit and the little red lightbulb in it does have a habit of blowing (silly design Ebs Fafner Or Ebs TD 650.
Ecs 10mm spacers

Avg used price: $600. Product presentation . Reviews . Price engine. Classified Ads Ebs uses only the very best components to assure your sound gets out to the audience!!

Bastoppar  Shipping Dimensions Weight 0 dBv = 0.775 V RMS 2 19 SPECIFICATIONS Nu är ljudet i EBS Fafner "nollställt" och redo för att skapa just ditt personliga  General Specs Demos & Samples Reviews Photos General THE EBS REIDMAR 502. EBS BREAKS NEW GROUND WITH A LIGHTWEIGHT BASS […]  EBS Fafner 1:a med blå rand och DI. - SÅLD!
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EBS Fafner II Dual Channel, Tube Armed 750 W RMS Bass Head EBSのフラグシップ・ヘッドアンプであるファフナーがII世代目となり、大幅に進化。

The is the most powerful, versatile and complete bass head ever built. With two separate channels, extensive routing possibilities, built in compressor, tube section, dual balanced outputs and super powerful EQ sections, the amp offers an extremely wide range of sound possibilities. EBS Fafner II XD 1. Carefully unpack the bass head.

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"The Fafner II and NeoLine 410 represent one of the best and most versatile rigs available. Feature-packed amp and compact-size cabinet - just what the pro bassist needs!" The Fafner II is the new 2-channel ’flagship’ from EBS and is packed with great and useful features that makes this amp stand out from the rest.

250 Watt portable micro bass head amplifier for stage and studio; Compact and lightweight design for ultimate portability; Cutting-edge Class-D  7 Sep 2007 It is fairly light weight for its size but it packs a punch when it come to sound. Eden WT1205 World Tour Bass Amp; EBS Fafner Bass Head  tech specs Marshall JCM 800. EBS Fafner Bass Head. EBS proline 2000 4×10´ ´ Bass Cabinet. EBS proline 2000 1×15´´ Bass Cabinet kurzweil Sp3x Piano  The EBS MicroBass 3 is a 2-channel preamp, built exclusively with premium components.